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Location_01Further to our previous post regarding the proposed redevelopment of Elizabeth House, we are aware that there is a huge amount of documentation on the Lambeth Planning Portal and the public only have until Fri 21 Jun 2019 to submit comments. We therefore thought it would be helpful if we highlighted a couple of specific aspects of the proposal that have come to our attention, which may most directly affect residents during the demolition and construction phases.

If you wish to submit any comments to Lambeth Council in relation to this application you can do so here up until 21st June 2019.

Core Hours and Late Night Working

TimeThe document Chapter 4, Volume 1 – Demolition and Construction describes the proposed phases of the 5 year program of demolition and construction.

Although section 4.127 (page 15) cites that core site working hours for demolition and construction works will be as follows:

  • 08.00 to 18.00 weekdays
  • 08.00 to 13.00 Saturday
  • No working on Sunday or Bank Holidays

…sections 4.62 & 4.63 (page 8), covering Excavation, Pile Enabling Works & Piling, refer respectively to arrangements for Evening Works (up to 23:00) and Night-Time Works (Engineering Hours after 23:00) whilst installing the pilings.

Section 4.128 (page 15) states that the night-time works during engineering hours will be required for concrete operations, to install bearing piles within the London Underground tunnel exclusion zones.

Section 4.129 (page 15) states that any other essential work outside standard working hours will be subject to prior agreement and or reasonable notice to London Borough of Lambeth, who may impose certain restrictions and with agreement with local stakeholders. Noisy works are taken to be heavy percussive, vibration or severe noise generating work, including breaking floor slabs and basement excavation. It is anticipated that there will be restrictions to noisy works; thus, only taking place between the hours of 10.00 – 12.00hrs and 14.00 – 16.00hrs.

Site Deliveries and Road Traffic

Construction VehicleSections 4.112 (page 13) estimates the peak average daily vehicle movements throughout the 5 year program of work to range between 40 and 164. Section 4.113 (page 13) states that the busiest phase will be the year-long period between Quarters 3 of Years 3 & 4, when the estimated peak average vehicle movements will be 164 per day, and 42 during the peak hour.

Section 4.115 (page 13) states that vehicles arriving to the site will come in a variety of sizes. Where possible, peak times will be avoided for deliveries. Section 4.116 (page 13) states that vehicle access for demolition works will be achieved via the existing entrances into the rear car park from Leake Street and will remain in use throughout the demolition phase.

With regard to the times that vehicle movements will be allowed, section 4.119 (page 14) states that re-timing out of peak time will aid the operational efficiency of the construction site and the neighbouring area. The Applicant commits to attempting to re-time as many deliveries as possible out of the morning peak (07.00-10.00).

In other words, primary consideration with regard to timings of deliveries has been given to minimising the impact on traffic flow, and not on minimising the disturbance of residents. The definition of noisy works cited above refers to vibration and severe noise, but does not mention vehicle movements  as being explicitly captured under this definition. With vehicular site access being via Leake Street, and thus vehicles traveling along York Road, this has the potential to be disruptive to residents of County Hall Apartments, particularly if they are scheduled to take place before 07:00 in the morning. No mention is made in the document about how late into the evening vehicle movements will be allowed.

Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring

EnvironmentDetails of the proposed environmental mitigation and monitoring procedures during the redevelopment can be viewed in the following document:

Chapter 15, Volume 1 – Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring


Key Information

Submission Type:Full Environmental Impact Assessment
Submission Date:Thu 18 Apr 2019
Public Consultation Ends:Fri 21 Jun 2019
Applicant:SIXTYFIVE House S.à.r.l (part of the HB Reavis Group)
Case Officer:Mr Jeff Holt
Key Information:Summary
Important Dates
Official Website:Elizabeth House Redevelopment
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