19/01836/ADV – Premier Inn Replacement Entrance Canopy

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On Tuesday 21st May 2019 Premier Inn Hotels Ltd. submitted applications for both Advertisement Consent (19/01836/ADV) and Listed Building Consent (19/01838/LB) for replacing the entrance canopy and signage outside the main entrance to their County Hall (Riverside Building) establishment on Belvedere Road. The most significant aspect with the potential to impact residents of County Hall Apartments is that the application proposes to replace some of the existing non-illuminated signage with illuminated versions.

Submission Type:Advertisement Consent
Submission Date:Tue 21 May 2019
Public Consultation Ends:Wed 24 Jul 2019
Applicant:Premier Inn Hotels Ltd
Case Officer:Ms Emily Leighton
Key Information:Summary
Important Dates

This application is a modified version of application 19/00185/LB, submitted in January but subsequently withdrawn, which we previously documented in February.

The illuminated components within the proposal are stipulated as being LED light sources which “will not exceed 210 candela per square metre”. The Planning Statement provides further information about the proposal.

If you wish to submit comments to the Lambeth Planning Department in relation to this application, you may do so here up until Wednesday 24th Jul 2019.

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